Customer success is a major factor for our business strategies. In this view, we have constantly been reaching out to reliable and innovative global technology providers to help bring their products to our clients. We believe that these products create a value addition to their businesses and reduce their time to market.

Our Global Solution Partners


Rapita SystemsAcute TechnologyAltiumFastwelGWINSTEKAdd2PromikProt Ar-GeVitinyAdam ResearchZeroplus
principal - rapita

Rapita Systems and GSASMSPL have partnered together to bring forth on-target verification solutions.

Rapita Systems caters to needs of customers in the avionics and automotive electronics industries with the sole purpose of reducing the cost of measuring, optimizing and verifying the timing performance and test effectiveness of critical real-time embedded systems.

principal - acuteGSASMSPL has partnered with Acute to enable maintenance engineers on the field with a compact solution that serves as PC based oscilloscope.

principal - altium

Altium is the leading developer of solutions that help engineers design and build the next generation of electronic products. We at GSASMSPL have partnered with Altium as a Value Added Reseller with an aim to enable our clients with the best in electronic design.

principal - fastwel

Fastwel is a leading manufacturer of  rugged CPU modules for mission-critical applications. Main product lines are CompactPCI/Serial, PC104 and MicroPC. In partnership with Fastwel, we offer a full range of highly reliable custom-made rugged electronics (EN50155 compliant) for rolling equipment and rail infrastructure: Security Display computers, Touch Screen Panel PCs, Tablet computers, Onboard Automatic Control system, Digital Video servers, Intercommunication equipment.

We as a team are ready to support you on every stage of your project and customize standard product in accordance with special system requirements.

principal - goodwill

A demand for high precision electronic test and measurement instruments is prevalent in the Electronics Industry in India. GSASMSPL has partnered with Goodwill Instruments and has augmented its TMI portfolio with over 300 tools that range from oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, signal sources, basic test & measurement instruments to video surveillance systems.

principal - goodwill

The transportation space has seen a burst of technology—not in one particular area, but rather across the board from improvements in electrical power systems to extremely sophisticated telematics to self-driving cars.GSASMSPL has partnered up with add2, who provide embedded control systems testing, utilizing simulation technology which in turn plays a major role in the manufacture and design process of advanced Automotives.

principal - promik

GSASMSPL has partnered with Promik to provide cost-effective tools for supporting
programmable microcontrollers and a range of automated and manual solutions that simplify flashing and testing requirements.


GSASMSPL has partnered with Prot Ar-Ge to enable maintenance engineers on the field with a compact solution that serves as an oscilloscope, multimeter and a basic fault detector.

principal - microlinks

Microscopes are vital optical inspection tools that enable a field engineer to quickly identify visually identifiable faults on a pcb. A growing demand from our existing customers have lead us to a reliable microscope solution provider, Vitiny / Microlinks. Vitiny provides digital microscope solutions that are both reliable and affordable.


ADAM Research, have built up vast experience in the field of thermal issues of printed circuit boards and provide software solutions for electronics developers and designers who want to solve their electro-thermal problems without educational effort.

principal - zeroplus
To enable precise hardware troubleshooting and to help our clients solve timing issues, we have partnered with Zeroplus to bring their easy to use and robust array of logic and protocol analyser products.

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